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PreRequisite: None. Not even a pull up.


Prerequisites: Promotion from Trapeze Fundamentals



$30 to Drop In. For students Ages 15+ If under 18, parent/guardian waiver must be signed prior to participation. Be sure to read our Studio Policies for what to wear, covid procedures, technology policies and more prior to enrolling. For a different enrollment experience, find us on the Pike13 App!
Unit 2 + 6: Rolls - starts 1/1/23
Unit 3 + 7: Splits - starts 4/2/23
Unit 4 + 8: Rope Skills - starts 7/2/23
Unit 1 + 5: Momentum - starts 10/1/23

Unit 2 + 6: Rolls - starts 1/1/23
Unit 3 + 7: Splits - starts 4/2/23
Unit 4 + 8: Rope Skills - starts 7/2/23
Unit 1 + 5: Momentum - starts 10/1/23

Intermediate 1 = Units 1-4 | Intermediate II = Units 5-8



  • NO peer teaching - If you do not remember how to execute a move, you need to ask your instructor during a class. Do NOT ask your friend. Do NOT ask the teacher hosting Practice Time. Practice Time is not educational time, It is strictly for practice.

  • Work ONLY on moves you have learned at AerialCLT from an AerialCLT instructor.

  • If you can not remember how to do a skill, do not try to review and reteach yourself from class videos. (This is just as bad as learning from YouTube or Instagram)

  • Always work over a panel mat or crash mat. No exceptions.

  • NO peer teaching

  • You must attend at least 1 regularly scheduled aerial class per week if you are attending practice time. In order to be safe practicing alone, you must continue your aerial education in at least 1 class a week in the apparatus that you will be practicing on.

  • Creativity is encouraged, HOWEVER do not try to teach yourself moves from YouTube or any other source. This is unsafe and if you do this, you will no longer be permitted to attend practice time.

  • Please do not play amplified music. This can be distracting to other classes. Bring ear buds if you are working on a piece. We recommend investing in some nice blue tooth ear buds!

  • NO peer teaching 

  • Must be 18 years and up unless in performance prep.

  • If you have or witness an accident in practice time, an instructor from the nearest class must be notified immediately.

  • Oh yeah, and did we mention - NO peer teaching?


For Private Track, Performance Prep and Intermediate I and higher students. 


Ready to promote into Trapeze Intermediate II? These sequences are taught in class and can be recorded during class or in practice time to submit for promotion! 

Promotion Requirements:

  • Submit videos and pass all sequences for your level

  • Attend class regularly, minimum once per week. Private Track students are not required to attend classes once per week but will need to work on the sequences during private lessons when they are ready to promote. 

  • It may be helpful to complete all units two complete rounds.


How to Promote:

  • Attend practice time to practice the necessary sequences as you learn them in class.

  • Record your sequences. Phone video works perfectly, no need for fancy equipment!

  • Submit your video of your sequence here.

  • Wait patiently for the results via email and try not to bite all your finger nails off. We will email 3 weeks before the start of the new unit.

  • Once you have passed all sequences for your level, you will officially promote!

Click HERE to submit your video sequences.