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Device Usage

We do not allow our classes or teaching to be recorded and ask that all students set their devices aside while in class. HOWEVER! We will do our best to give camera time at the end of each class for students to record their progress. We believe self study is one of the best ways for students to progress and we will give the opportunity for recording as often as possible so long as it does not distract from teaching which could lead to a safety concern.

Students should not text, email, answer phone calls or social media while in class unless there in some sort of emergency. In this case, students should notify their instructor of their concerns.

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Peer Teaching

The majority of our classes are taught with 2 students per apparatus. This means you will get a buddy to take part in class with! If you or your partner get stuck on a particular skill, it is imperative that you ask your teacher and NOT your partner. Please avoid peer teaching at all costs. If a student is found peer teaching often, they may be excused from classes. 

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Physical Requirements

You do not need to be in shape in order to get in shape! So no, you do not need to be able to do a pull up or full splits before taking your first aerial class. Get your butt in the door! We will get you on the right path. 

Anyone is welcome to try classes no matter your weight, size, or ability. We want everyone who has the desire to try aerial to visit us. But we also want to be transparent—we have a responsibility for the safety and health of our students. We hang from wrists, elbows and shoulders a lot. Any pre-existing injuries or conditions can be exacerbated and lead to long-term damage because connective tissue can be fragile. If you have any pre-existing health conditions, please carefully consider whether aerial is right for you.

Students must be 100% sober, no alcohol or drugs of any kind before class. We have a zero tolerance policy and will result in an immediate ban. Trust is everything. 

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Referral Program

We love when you guys bring a friend along with you to join our community! If you bring a friend to class, be sure to give them a refer-a-friend card with your name on it (found at the front desk and bathrooms of our studios). You will get $5 account credit!

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Watching/Observing Classes

Whether you are a parent dropping off a child or a friend tagging along, we require that all folks not participating in class hang out in our waiting room area. This is to give all of our students equal rights of privacy and to help everyone feel as comfortable as possible! It is never comfortable feeling like you are inside a fish bowl.... 

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What to Wear

It can be tough figuring out what to wear if you are new to aerial class! Best recommendations until you find your groove are:

(Applicable to men, women & kids)
Snug athletic pants that cover past your knees, preferably tight around the ankle. 
A tight fitting top. You might be going upside down, don't want anything falling out of place! 
Midriff must be covered. 
No jeans. 
No zippers. 
No jewelry. 
not related to clothes but NO GUM IN CLASS! 
No glitter!

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