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Owning Your Own Equipment - To be or not to be?

Having the ability to practice at home whenever you might d*mn well feel like sure is an attractive prospect. HOWEVER, much should be considered that you might not have ever thought about. This 10 item list is a great summary of reminders, food for thought, to-do's and not to-do's.

At AerialCLT, we RARELY endorse home practice because it is almost never a good idea. There are so many affordable options how to practice at the studio, so why even make the financial investment and assume the risk at home? However, we do have a few rules for practice at the studio. For example, in order to be eligible for practice time you must be:

  • level Intermediate II or higher (to become this level, you have been in the air a minimum of 1.5 years and have proven deep understanding of your apparatus, strength and skill understanding)

  • in performance prep preparing your choreography only (choreography of only material you have been taught by an AerialCLT instructor or approved otherwise)

  • in private track working on assigned work only

  • never practicing any material learned from instagram, youtube, etc.

These rules are to keep everyone safe. YOU may think you are safe to practice solo, but keep in mind we have worked with thousands of students in our tenure and are deeply knowledgeable in the risks associated in the aerial world. You are likely just scratching the service of your aerial journey, so please trust us on this one.

If you are adamant that this is something you want to do, this 10 item list is our best advice. After all, we aren't your momma's and can't control what you do outside of the studio! But before you do hire a rigger to install a point in your living room, please consider talking to an instructor that you are close with who knows your abilities intimately. They will be able to have an honest heart to heart with you on the subject.

And most of all, trust them!

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