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Before and After, With Kristy!

Another one of our amazing aerialist stories comes to you from Kristy, who has been a part of Aerial CLT for over a year now! Read on for Kristy's awesome story!

When did you start taking classes at Aerial CLT?

I took one aerial silks class in January of 2015. Honestly, I felt intimidated by it, but I still loved the idea of being in the air. So, I took aerial strength and yoga classes for a while, and then re-explored silks in April of 2015 and hoop shortly thereafter (May). I have been taking classes, regularly, since that time.

Have you noticed any physical changes since starting classes at Aerial CLT? If so, what have you noticed?

Not only have I gotten stronger, overall, but aerial has also helped me to pinpoint and focus on specific muscles/muscle groups that are either "in good shape" or that "need more work," both in terms of strength and flexibility. Since every body is unique, acquiring and utilizing that knowledge of my personal strengths and weaknesses has been invaluable.

Have you noticed any mental changes since starting classes at Aerial CLT? If so, what have you noticed?

Aerial training has led to a very important attitude shift. Here is a secret about me - I have always been a quitter. That is tough to admit, because I put on a pretty stubborn facade. But when the going gets tough, my fear of failure often takes over, and I tend to get going in the wrong direction. Mentally, I have quit aerial a thousand times. But each time I do, I hear one of my instructors tell me, "It's ok. Just keep working on it," or one of my classmates says, "Hey! That looks great! You've got it!" And I keep going. I feel their positivity down to my very core, and I can also SEE my improvement. So, very simply, now I believe in myself. I may have to work at some things harder and longer than other people, but I know that if I just keep trying, I can and will achieve great things. That attitude stemmed from aerial training and has branched out into many other aspects of my life.

How has aerial silks/aerial hoop training at Aerial CLT changed your life?

It keeps me a lot busier (my husband calls himself an "aerial widower." LOL)! And, it also gives me goals. I used to be a runner and a triathloner. That all ended after two knee surgeries, and I found myself flailing about like a proverbial fish out of water - I had nothing to aim for, and doing workouts at the gym got boring. So, not only does training at Aerial CLT give me a good workout, I now find myself mentally choreographing (what will hopefully become) future performances.

What do you like most about Aerial CLT?

The people. The instructors and other students have become some of my best friends. I also like that classes are very structured and safe. Safety always comes first at Aerial CLT, and I appreciate that.

Any additional comments?

This is a "before and after" survey, but there really is no "after." That's not how aerial training (or life, for that matter) works. Each day, you add pieces on to the foundation of your personal own story. With a spirit of gratitude, keep practicing, playing, learning, and laughing, and that story will never end.

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