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8 (MORE) Reasons to Try Aerial Class

Back in August, we gave you 6 Reasons to Try Aerial Class, but we just couldn't stop ourselves there. We found 8 more compelling reasons. Have we convinced you yet?

1. Try something new.

They say that a change is as good as a rest. Do you feel like you’re stuck in a fitness rut, or you’re generally uninspired? You might as well try something out of the box and see how it makes you feel. You never know – you might totally love it!

2. Get strong!

We say on the website that there’s no pull-up required, and we mean it. Sure, a lot of aerialists have great upper body strength, but how do you think they get it? By coming to aerial class and building it up! You’ll learn to work with your own body weight to get muscles that are proportionate to your body, and feeling strong physically will help you feel stronger mentally, too.

3. Push yourself to achieve new goals.

There are so many ways to challenge yourself in your aerial journey. You may have specific goals in mind before you come, such as touching your toes or building upper body strength. The great thing about the AerialCLT curriculum is that you’ll quickly discover new goals along the way, too. You’ll want to push yourself to hold your shoulder lock-off for longer, or you’ll want to finally get into ball! Each person’s journey takes a unique path, which contains as many or as few goals along the way as you’d like.

4. Do something just for you.

So many of us find ourselves running through life constantly doing things for others, whether we’re supporting a family, busting our butts for a job, etc. Aerial classes are a great opportunity to do something just for you. Your fitness journey is unique to you and will progress at your own pace and with your own intentions. It’s so freeing to cultivate a part of you that is so uniquely yours.

5. Everyone could use more “fun facts.”

We’ve all been at teambuilding events or classes where everyone has to go around and share one “fun fact” about themselves. Do you have trouble thinking of something super interesting and crazy to share? Now you’ll get to story-top the woman who went zip-lining in Costa Rica: you’re an aerial acrobat, and you’ve got pictures to prove it!

6. Up your social media game!

Let’s be honest: aerial is a visual performance-based art. As a result, we like to capture lots of footage of our progress and to make sure that we remember how to get into and out of moves properly. Once you start coming to classes, you’ll have TONS of cool pictures and videos to share on social media. Spice things up with a picture of you in the air!

7. Begin a new mental challenge for yourself.

For most of us, aerial work is an entirely new world. We’ll teach you tons of conditioning exercises, moves, and stretches, many of which build upon the ones you’ve already learned. Part of the challenge is remembering all of it! We’ll review things quite often to help you remember how to get into and out of moves. The other part of the mental challenge is remembering all the names of moves. You’ll be learning a whole new language as you learn one new move at a time!

8. Because it’s awesome!

You may have seen aerial silks or hoop in movies or live shows before and wondered who those people are. It may seem like such a foreign concept and one that you may never have considered for yourself… but everyone starts from somewhere! Aerial is probably unlike anything you’ve ever done before, but you have to experience it to see how great it can be. If you’re anything like me, once you’ve tried your first move, you’ll be hooked!

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