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The Puppers Need Us!


You guys sure did work hard bringing us donations and it shows! Thank you everyone for your help and support in our summer item drive for the Greater Charlotte SPCA! Hopefully this will make life for all the foster parents just a little bit easier.

  • $44 dollars

  • 4 large bags of dog food

  • 1 scratching post

  • 10 beds

  • 4 kennels

  • 94 pieces of towels, sheets, blankets, etc.

  • 12 bags/boxes of treats

  • 14 toys

  • 360 puppy pads

  • 12 containers of cleaning supplies

  • 13 paper towel rolls

  • 4 cones

  • 9 bowls

  • 8 harnesses

  • 23 leashes

  • 15 collars

  • 8 cans food

  • 4 small bags of dog food



Saturday September 2 | 11A-2P | 801 N Tryon (AerialCLT @ Uptown)

Saturday, September 2 come by the studio to meet some sweet creatures that are looking for new homes. We will be hosting the Greater Charlotte SPCA and a handful of furry friends for the day. We will also be collecting items and fundraising for GCSPCA. Wish list is posted in the blog (link below). Please stop by and give out a few pets! Hope to see you there!


I, as so many people, grew up with pets my entire life. We always had dogs and over the years collected a few too many stray cats to call our own. Our pets made us laugh and kept us company. Cheered us up and offered cuddles when we needed it. But the stories of the pets in our homes, those are the happy stories. There are so many dogs and cats who do not have happy endings, who never find a good quality home and who end up in the pound soon to be euthanized. Possibly never knowing what a loving touch felt like.

Luckily, there are organizations like the Greater Charlotte Society for the Prevention of Animal Cruelty (SPCA) who make it their mission to gather those misfortunate or abused animals and find good homes for them. Obviously that comes at a price and that is why we are going to work together this summer to raise supplies and cash-ola for the Charlotte SPCA to continue their mission!

What They Need:

  • puppy pads

  • bones

  • Nylabone chew toys

  • pill pockets

  • paper towels

  • clorox wipes

  • quality dry kibble (Purina One, Evolve from Harris Teeter and Costco's Kirland's)

  • treats made in the USA

  • old towels

  • old blankets

  • NO rawhides or pig ears!

  • NO treats made outside of the USA due to contamination issues from China

How You Can Help:

  • Bring a denotable item. For every item you donate, you will receive 1 raffle ticket to enter to win a portrait of your pet by the insanely awesome Mark Doepker. Large bags of dog food are worth 5 tickets.

  • Send Amy the most adorable photo of your rescue pet with a few fun facts about them to

  • Apply to volunteer for the SPCA HERE.


We will be collecting from July-September at the Uptown Studio. Bring us the puppy goodies!!!

Stay Up to Date on Fundraising efforts on our Facebook Event Page


Quick Facts About the Greater Charlotte SPCA:

  • The Greater Charlotte SPCA is an all foster rescue founded in 2010. We don't have a facility - all animals in our care are fostered in volunteer's homes where they can begin basic training and learning how to be part of a family.

  • We are all volunteers. We have no paid positions and many of our core volunteers put in 20-40 hours a week for the rescue in addition working full time "real jobs".

  • We are an independent organization and we are not affiliated with or funded by the ASPCA or any other organization. We receive no municipal funding. We are dependent on adoption fees, donations and fundraisers to pay the bills.

  • We have extremely low overhead - less than 3%, which covers web hosting, printed materials, postage, PO Box fees, etc. Everything else goes directly toward providing for the animals in our care.

  • All funds raised stay in the area and go directly to help local animals in need.

  • Our 2014 expenses break down as follows:

  • Vet Care $237,363.34

  • Dog food $4,907.24

  • Overhead $4,485.00

  • Shelter Pull Fees$2,864.00

  • Boarding/Training $1,050.00

  • Pet Supplies$363.42

  • Animals come into our care through a variety of ways, but primarily we pull from local area shelters. We pull more animals from the CharMeck shelter than any other rescue. We also pull from some of the surrounding rural area shelters which get less support and exposure.

  • Since our inception in 2010 we have saved more than 3,000 animals.

  • We adopted out 902 animals to loving homes in 2014 alone.

  • We screen potential adopters carefully. Our application process involves reference checks and a home visit before we adopt out any animal in our care.

  • All animals that are adopted from us receive full vetting including spay/neuter, all vaccines and microchip as well as treatment for any illness or injuries.

  • If someone adopts and animal from us and for whatever reason can't keep it, we will always take it back. In fact, out adoption contract prohibits rehoming except to return the animal to us.

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