Yes, I am talking to YOU!

I think it is safe to agree the one thing that ties each and everyone of us together at Aerial CLT is our sense of community. Regardless of whether or not we personally know each other or have ever taken a class together, there is a very common thread that we all share.

It is that sense of absolute power that each of us has felt at some point. You know the one, it happens when you are up high on your apparatus of choice and you're shaking and scared, and your muscles are tired and you are questioning why you are doing this in the first place and you're soooo, soooo sweaty. do it. You rise above that moment. You do the drop. You extend your leg a litttttttle bit further - you reach for your ceiling.

It is in that fear that we all feel, yet conquer week after week. It is in that one moment that we make a shift within ourselves. A choice. The decision to be better, to want better. You may not even know you are doing it, but it is happening!

QC FEMME FEST embodies this exact spirit! We are bringing together female business owners, artists, activists, entrepreneurs & members of our community is to facilitate women coming together to celebrate & empower one another. With no spirit of competition. No disrespect. No egos, no hatred & no hidden agenda - QC Femme Fest is a celebration of the women in our community. A place to be edified, encouraged & engaged.

Our goal is to support all women regardless of their craft. We believe in honoring the strength & courage required to create an empire all your own, the way you see fit. We understand the difficulties we as females must overcome & hope to inspire & encourage others to be bold, take the lead & live fearlessly!!

Aerial CLT is making QC FEMME FEST the official charity drive through June 30, 2017. We will be taking cash donations for the following charities: