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Before & After, with Michele!

Our studio is full of the coolest people and Michele is one of them! She's become another one of the Aerial CLT family since she's been with us. Here's her story:

It is fitting to share my before and after as today, June 15 marks my two year aerialversary with AerialCLT. I will be forever grateful to Candace Stamper for not only my amazing hair moon trims but for introducing me to Aerial CLT during my first visit with her. I had just relocated to Charlotte and was desperately missing Athens, GA where I flew on the trapeze weekly. I signed up for my first class with two Athens friends and got the eight class pass and took two more classes in the next three days. I’m hooked and I see this going on for a long time.

I thought I came in strong with my years of trapeze, but I am stronger now than I have ever been. Aerial requires endurance, flexibility through engagements and precision and it has become a wonderful art form to exercise both my body and mind. And it has improved my flying trapeze; which is a wonderful bonus. Before Aerial CLT, I didn’t think I bruised easily, however I have learned this is not the case. Lose my engagement and I can make epic bruises or “reminders” to stay engaged. I am also more flexible than I have ever been, these are tiny gains but over the years are adding up to some mega improvements. Perhaps I’ll be able to bend my head to my knees in a forward fold before the end of the year.

Mentally, Aerial CLT has provided a playground to challenge my body awareness, technically mapping out each step of a drop/move because the instruction is incredibly thorough allowing processing and mastery in time. Being there in such a safe environment to explore these challenges, to make mistakes and to grow, is such a gift.

Yet neither of those are the most significant impact Aerial CLT has had on my life. Before I started there, I was regularly going to Athens or away for work. Charlotte was just where my belongings resided and where I worked. Aerial CLT has given me a reason to stay, a reason to look forward to returning. While I still have a gypsy gene, when I am gone I miss being active with great people and look forward to returning to see everyone’s smiling faces and all of the growth.

This is a community of supportive, kind, loving, generous, giving, fiercely strong in spirit and body, “let’s try this” and have fun people that I get to see every week and share the love of circus. This is what makes AerialCLT the best, what makes it my home here in Charlotte. Thank you.

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