A Corporate Auditor and the Magic of Performing.

By day, I’m a corporate auditor at a national bank. I wear button-down shirts and heels. I go to meetings. I drink coffee. I sit in traffic and then I come home. I’ve done this for years now, and I will presumably continue to do it for many more years to come. Even though I enjoy my job and I feel thankful to have it, it doesn’t exactly give me a lot of room to stretch my legs and breathe.

When I heard about the chance to perform at an AerialCLTshowcase, a tiny little seed planted in my brain. That seed had a simple message: “?” As in, me? Now? Can I? Am I good enough? Where would I even start? And for a while, that seed stayed put right where it was.

The funny thing about seeds is that given the right set of circumstances, eventually something will start to emerge. I started to picture myself in the air under lights. I started to daydream about costumes. I started listening to songs and placing where I’d put a spin or drop. Eventually, the seed popped open. And when it did, the flower that sprung forth was far too big and beautiful to ignore.