6 Reasons to Try Aerial Classes

We know you've seen the photos of your boyfriend's best friend's girlfriend's sister doing aerial silks on Facebook and you thought to yourself "OOO! I would LOVE to try that!" Then life happens and you snap out of your day dream. Well, come out of the shadows of your day-to-day, gingerly step back into your day dream, and consider these 6 reasons to try an aerial class. We would also love to add to that "at AerialCLT". But really, any aerial is better than no aerial so long as you find a responsible, safety oriented trainer to work with.

6 Reasons to Try Aerial Classes (at AerialCLT)

1. Meet awesome people.

Our AerialCLT tribe is made up of some pretty incredible people from all walks of life. We’ve got local business owners, lawyers, nurses, stay-at-home moms, hair stylists, tattoo artists, teachers, and so many more people that are part of our community. AerialCLT is a loving, nurturing, supportive environment that you’ll quickly become part of, too.

2. Get into a workout routine.

Our class schedule is consistent week over week. We have over 60 class offerings to choose from, and classes are rarely ever canceled. Get into a routine by coming to the same Wednesday 5:45 class on a weekly basis! There are many people who have done the same thing, so you’ll start to recognize familiar faces and make friends in your classes who are regulars. Once you make fitness an integral part of your weekly routine, you’ll be more likely to keep it up going forward.

3. Try something out for teambuilding and family bonding.

This is a great chance to get together with friends, family, or coworkers and try something new altogether. We offer private parties and group lessons so that we can tailor the instruction to whatever event you’d like to have. You’ll laugh and have fun, but you’ll work hard while you’re at it. And let’s face it: what’s a better way to bond with others than learning how to fly together?

4. Support a local business.