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7 Things you NEED to stop saying

Everyone does it. We all have that thing, or even things, we tell ourselves. We don’t think about what we’re doing to ourselves. If you’ve ever read Don Miguel’s The Four Agreements (If you haven’t read this book, it’s a great read!), you’ll recognize where I’m coming from. When you tell yourself things like “I can’t do that,” you’re making it a reality. You’re agreeing to allow that particular thing to be part of your life.

I’m not saying this with judgement, I’m just as guilty as anyone else. I’ve come up with a list of things that I have told myself and that I have heard from students that if we remove from our lives, we would thrive greatly!

1.“My gender affects my ability to do this.”

Okay, so…people tend to think that aerial silks is just for girls… NO WAY! Guys…this takes serious strength, and what man doesn’t want to feel strong? What woman doesn’t want to feel strong? This is an equal house of strength!

2. “ I’m too old for this!”

Uh…NO! Check out this link to an amazing inspiration. I firmly believe that we are only as old as we tell ourselves we are! So, start living like you’re forever in your twenties (or thirties, because thirty is the new twenty!)!!

3. “I’m not flexible enough for this.”

One great thing about aerial fitness is that, not only will you gain strength, but you will also lengthen those muscles you are working! So what if you can’t do a full split yet? I’ve been doing this for four years and still haven’t mastered my squared hip splits, but you know what? It’s okay! Everyone is different and has their own obstacles to work through. Take it easy on yourself and keep in mind that this, just like all things, is something that requires consistent practice.

4. “My body just can’t/doesn’t do that.”

I’m very aware of body limitations. It’s a real thing. That’s one thing, but when we’re talking about something like climbing, this is something we should leave out of our brains! Instead, let’s say “I haven’t learned that, yet” or “I’m still working on that.” This creates an openness to learn and a willingness to accept where you currently are.

5.“I’m the only one who can’t do this move. Everyone else is good at it.”

This is the biggest offender. I am just as guilty of it as anyone else, but it is inaccurate. Shut that inner critic up. Let’s examine the room realistically:

  • Some of these people you’re comparing yourself to have been doing this two to three times longer than you.

  • Some people may be struggling on a move you’re excelling in.

  • If everything was easy for you, this would be boring. Enjoy the challenge!

  • We are all on our own journey, so just enjoy the space you are in!

6. “I don’t have time to fit this into my schedule.”

This one gets under my skin pretty deeply. We are all super busy in our day-to-day, this I understand. BUT, when you say you don’t have time, what you’re telling your body is, “you’re not my priority.” (I know this is a little harsh, but the “tough love” had to be in here somewhere, right?) Plus, we have two locations and offer over 50 classes weekly. If not a single one of those fits into your schedule? Guess what. We also offer private lessons.

7. Anything negative about ourselves.

Yeah, I’m lumping this all together. EVERYONE has something they’re insecure about, even those people who seem like they’ve got it all together and are so confident. Some people don’t like their feet. Some people don’t like the under part of their arms. Some people don’t like their hair. Whatever it is, everyone has one. It’s okay to be insecure, but don’t let it run your life. Every day, you should be telling yourself how awesome you are, how wonderful it is that you’re alive and how it’s a miracle to be able to do the things you’re capable of doing. This one is the most difficult one, which is why I saved it for last. Whenever you start saying things like “I suck at…” stop yourself. Instead, tell yourself, “I am capable of walking, talking, breathing, and that is amazing.” Every day is a gift. We never know when we just aren’t going to wake up, so spend each moment wisely and focusing on the positive. Let’s build better lives for ourselves!

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