Calling All Male Aerialists: The end of your tights search

As an aerialist, I’m always trying to find fun, funky tights to wear when I train. When I initially began looking to expand my “aerial wardrobe” I assumed it would be easy to find leggings/tights for men. However, I was quickly proved wrong. Instead of keeping my search to just “men’s leggings”, I began exploring options such as compression tights, running tights, and even various styles of tights. After much trial and error, I was able to find a few different types that worked for me. YAY!

Before I delve into what leggings/tights are my absolute favorites, let’s cover what you should look for when purchasing tights for aerial:

  • Tights must be able to move with you. What I mean by that, is that the tights must be able to stretch as you move. For example, you don’t want to be working on splits and have tights that prevent you from fully getting into the split! That would just make you frustrated and could possibly cause a wardrobe malfunction.

  • Durability. Once you’ve found ones that you absolutely LOVE, read the reviews! You don’t want to buy a pair of tights that last a week then start getting stretched out and develop tears in them. You want tights that will withstand the friction on the silks and any other aerial work you do.

  • Last but not least, express yourself through your tights! Who wants to have boring tights that are just “blah”?! Not me. So make sure you look for tights that show off your personality.

After numerous searches and trial runs with tights, I was able to narrow down my favorites to a few. Below you will find the name of the brand, their website, and a brief blurb about their tights. Enjoy!