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Amy Tynan Chirico is founder and head instructor of AerialCLT in Charlotte, North Carolina. She began teaching and performing aerial arts in 2010. Prior to entering the aerial world, Amy received her BA in Music Education and taught music for 10 years. Teaching has always been a passion for Amy in any capacity - a teacher by trade, no matter the medium. Amy’s aerial and fitness education training includes a 200 RYT with Grace Morales and intensive studying and workshops with Rebekah Leach, Cheetah Platt, Rachel Strickland, Kristina Nekyia, Jamie Hodgson, Amy Ell, Lydia Stern, Molly Graves, Caroline Wright and others. Amy believes in encouraging students to think and act independently to find their own movement unique to them. Her specialty in teaching is creating a student who is self motivated and self disciplined to learn, discover, and grow. 




Mandy is a native to Charlotte, NC. Prior to her career at AerialCLT, she was a professional horticulturist for 13 years. As a youth, she enjoyed regular dance training, especially ballet and pointe. Mandy took her first aerial class at AerialCLT in January of 2012 and quickly fell in love with the unique workout of building strength, stamina and trying to find balance in the air while presenting grace and fluidity. She quickly became obsessed and began teaching at AerialCLT in January of 2013. Her passion for sharing knowledge and her love of aerial arts to students of all ages has continued to grow. Some of Mandy’s favorite things to teach are strength and conditioning based skills, especially meathooks and inversions. She also enjoys encouraging students and guiding them on their personal aerial journey. Mandy has had the opportunity to train with some amazing aerialist through various seminars, workshops and private lessons. To name a few of her coaches over the years - Caroline Wright, Molly Graves, Alex Alan, Waverly Jones, and Allison Mann. Mandy loves being a part of a community that is supportive and encouraging of self growth and opportunities such as AerialCLT. 




Aly Scanlon is the AerialCLT Lyra Program Manager. In early life, Aly was a competitive gymnast with a strong passion for performance arts. She was a Junior Olympic Gold Medal Championship on balance beam, in the all around, as well as achieved several other state and regional gymnastics titles. Aly found her love for the aerial arts in 2015, being most drawn to lyra, and began her teaching career in 2017. Aly has studied with several notable aerialists including Amy Chirico, Mandy Elledge, Waverly Jones, Rachel Strickland, Chetah Platt, and Rebekah Burke. She strives to make every student feel successful every time they come to class. No matter the challenges, there is always at least one positive for that day! As a performer, Aly has presented at several events in her home city of Charlotte, NC and prides herself on being able to emote through her body movements and facial expressions. She is especially known for dark, creepy and emotional pieces. She has an affinity for dynamic movement and splits. 




In 2015, Sydney graduated with a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University’s Sculpture and Extended Media program and she found her passion for aerial that very same year. Her dance, gymnastics, and theater background proved useful in her performance art and also guided her to her love for the aerial arts. She has trained with Rachel Strickland, Waverly Jones, and Aaron Koz. She has also trained with Charlotte-based aerialists, including Amy Tynan, Aly Scanlon, and Mandy Elledge. She strives every day to share the confidence and strength she found in aerial movement with others.

She specializes in hard apparatus, and you can usually find her spinning or using momentum on trapeze and Lyra.




Julia began her aerial training in 2015 but is a life long dancer. She received classical ballet training in her home state of Maryland and continued her dance education at East Carolina University, where she earned a BFA in dance performance. Upon graduating, Julia moved to Charlotte and dances as much as possible, but Aerial CLT sparked a new passion: dancing off the ground! She is excited to share her passion to help others discover all the different ways a body can move.




Abbey began her aerial journey in silks in early January 2017 and, only a few months later, started training trapeze as well. Hammock became a part of her life in March 2019, shorty after AerialCLT began the program. Growing up, Abbey tried a little of everything: dance, tennis, volleyball, soccer, gymnastics, swimming, yoga and cross country but always struggled to find her true passion. After one class at AerialCLT, Abbey knew that she found the thing she wanted to do for the rest of her life. Aerial allows her to be creative, it often takes her outside of her comfort zone, gives her a great work out and encourages her to live a healthy lifestyle. Abbey cares deeply about people and wants to share her passion through teaching and creating an environment that allows growth, discovery and friendship.




Ricarda began her aerial journey in 2018 when she moved back to Charlotte, and immediately fell in love with the strength and beauty of dancing in the air. She has always been passionate about fitness, through powerlifting, yoga, and running, so aerial was the perfect combination for her. Prior to aerial, Ricarda was an avid equestrian and taught Hunter-Jumper for 3 years. Her love for teaching and helping others quickly transitioned to the aerial world and she is excited to share her passion in a fun, safe, and supportive environment. 




Madison believes that movement is medicine and has always been drawn to some form of physical expression whether through dance, sports, or yoga. Madison stumbled across an aerial yoga class and was immediately hooked and wanted more. Not long after, she quickly found AerialCLT. For Madison, aerial has been a source of self-empowerment and a journey in finding mental and physical strength. Aerial has proven the incredible feats we are all capable of with practice, patience, and perseverance. It has sparked a fiery passion within her that she looks forward to sharing with others. She can't wait to see student's fall in love with aerial just like she did. 




Lyn began her aerial journey in 2018 and quickly fell in love with the art, layers of growth, commitment and strength. Prior to aerial, Lyn received a Bachelor in Science in Communications/Minor in Music from Western Carolina University. During college, she participated in the WCU Marching Cats, performed and sang in various music groups and held a spot on the WCU Dance Team for 3 years. Her dance background includes 12 years of ballet, lyrical, jazz, tap and 6 years of gymnastics. Out of college for over 20 years, Lyn stumbled across an AerialCLT silks class and her first experience quickly sparked a memory from her past, a memory of dance, movement and gymnastics. All the things she loved! Lyn is a proud momma to her 17-year old son, Parish, soon to graduate from high school to explore his dream to play college football. She is excited to share this new aerial journey with others, to offer a relatable, safe space where everyone is accepted and to celebrate your accomplishments no matter how big or small! 




Kristy began her aerial journey in 2015 and quickly fell in love with the adrenaline. She spent 15 years in competitive cheerleading, from grade school through college at the University of South Carolina, and spent most of her summers coaching/choreographing. She was thrilled to find something in her adulthood that can keep her active, healthy, intrigued, and has found her true home in the supportiveness of the aerial community. She enjoys performing, learning and getting creative with theory, and is excited to share her passion with others.




Thanh may be a cosmetologist by trade but she is an aerialist at heart. She was simply captivated by the grace, strength, and beauty of flying without wings. It is a never ending art filled with endless possibilities of dancing through the sky. Thanh has always had a passion for teaching no matter the craft. There are endless possibilities in aerial and when you think you have mastered all, there is still so much more to learn. She cannot wait to share her passion with everyone and to help students discover how beautiful and strong they truly are.

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