AerialCLT (pronounced Aerial Charlotte) is a unique curriculum based fitness program in Charlotte, NC designed for the newest of newbs to reach aerial success. Learn to fly on aerial silks, trapeze or lyra in our supportive, non intimidating, beginner friendly fitness classes. Our motto is "no pull up required". You will gain loads of strength and flexibility throughout your aerial journey with us in our adult fitness classes. There is no better workout than learning to fly!



$100 for 4 weeks
4 week accumulative sessions covering aerial basics in a unique and fun class environment.



$30 to drop in
Jump on in to mixed level, beginner friendly classes for a great workout. No pull up required!



March 14, 2020

AerialCLT Community,

Given the recent development with the COVID-19 (coronavirus) within the United States, it is time to discuss how this affects all of us in the studio. Together we can minimize the impact of COVID-19 on our community.

At this time, based on CDC guidelines, all classes and scheduled events will proceed as usual but we understand the concerns surrounding the situation and are doing our best to make our space as comfortable and clean as possible. 

We encourage all students to:

  • Wash hands before and after class

  • Cough and sneeze inside your shirt, not on your elbow, hands, air, etc.

  • Immediately wash your hands if you give high fives or touch your face.

  • NOT come to class if you are feeling unwell and have a cough, cold symptoms or fever. 

  • Spray your equipment and mat area before and after class with our cleaning spray.

  • Keep yourself informed. Visit the CDC's website for their latest reports, or your local health department website.


On the studio end, we will:

  • Temporarily extending our late cancellation policy to 2 hours for sick worries only. Please reach out to us directly at to late cancel due to infection or exposure to infected persons. Honor system here that no one will abuse this temporary measure. 

  • Leniency regarding our class package expiration date. If you worried that you will not be able to use all of your class packages before the expiration date due to infection or exposure, reach out to with your extension/hold request so that we can assist! 

  • Additional cleaning measures on high traffic and often touched surfaces each day.

  • If you are an Intermediate I+ student and have to miss 1+ weeks of class because of sickness or worry of exposure to an infected person, we will work with you to get you caught back up on lesson plan material. No need to sit out for the rest of the unit. Please contact your regular instructor to game plan if necessary.

  • We will continue to monitor the situation and will provide any developments in relation to the studio in a timely manner. 


These are weird times we are all living in right now. I think every single one of us is already seeing the economic impact that this virus will have on our lives and community. We are of course nervous at the prospect of having to close and continue paying our bills but our collective health is much more important than that. We all have to stay communicative and flexible to get through this with our sanity!

***If you have additional suggestions to make, please email


Thank you! 

❤️ & 🎪 

AerialCLT Team