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Hi East Coast Aerial & Acrobatic Festival Attendees! 


Although coronavirus pushed back our festival plans, we are still SO excited that we were able to reschedule this years weekend intensive! We can't wait to see you in August! In the midst of our excitement, we have put together some information to help you best prepare for your weekend. Most of this applies to those traveling from out of town and have never been to our studio, AerialCLT, before. 



We have a few time slots remaining for various instructors. 


Check out all private lesson availability HERE



Please double (even triple!) check your schedule and make sure you do not have any workshops conflicting, that you are in fact enrolled in everything you want to be enrolled in, etc. 


To check your schedule, log in HERE

At the bottom of your dashboard, you will see “Upcoming Schedule”. You can even subscribe to your schedule so that it is automatically added to your calendar by clicking “subscribe to calendar” on the right hand side. 



If you have never been to AerialCLT before, you might still need to sign the waiver. You can check by logging in to your dashboard and you will see a notification requesting you to sign the waiver at the top of your dashboard. We will also be sending out signature requests in the next bit. This will save SO much time if you do it before arriving to the studio for the festival. ***WE DO NOT ACCEPT PRINT OUT WAIVERS***



We have put together a handy page on our website to help you coordinate your stay in Charlotte. Check it out HERE

Pretty please try and join us for the Mixer on Saturday night! If you are coming from out of town, no pressure on bringing food to the party. We know it can be hard when you are traveling. 

Please email us or give us a ring if you need anything. We can't wait to hang with everyone! 

AerialCLT Team

❤️ & 🎪

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