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Make sure you know all of the rules:

- For NEW students ONLY

- Good for all 4 week courses.

- NOT valid for regularly scheduled classes.

- Ages 15+ only. If under 18, parent/guardian must sign

parent/guardian waiver prior to partcipation in class.

- Weight limit is 225lbs. Participants should not carry

an excess of 40 lb due to joint safety.

- Check your expiration date! We can not accept or redeem expired vouchers.


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Common Questions:

Q: What if I can't make a class?

A: No problem, we will get you safely caught up with the class during your next visit. 


Can I have a make up if I get sick?

A: Unfortunately we can not offer make up classes at this time but you can certainly schedule a private lesson if you would like to.


Q: What if I am running late to a class?

A: That is ok! We know things happen (like traffic!). As long as you are not more than 10 minutes late, there is nothing to worry about. If you are going to be more than 10 minutes late, you must clear this prior to class starting with your instructor or you may not be able to partcipate in class for safety reasons.


Q:Can I take other classes at AerialCLT while I am in the 4 Week Intro Course?

A: Absolutely! And we encourage it! You can take Fundamental classes in any apparatus.


Q: I have an injury/health concern, can I still participate?

A: If your doctor says you are good to go, then we still would love to have you. Please make your instructor aware of any issues you are dealing with. 


Q: I can't do a pull up. Can I still take an 4 Week Intro Course?

A: UH... only ABSOLUTELY! There is no sense in waiting to "get in shape" before trying to "get in shape". Our motto is "no pull up required" and we mean it.