Pre-Loved Silks
  • Pre-Loved Silks

    In preparation for our move to our new space with higher ceilings throughout, we are unable to continue using some of our shorter fabrics! All of these fabrics have been used in our classes and still have a lot of life left to give! Some may show signs of wear. All fabrics are low stretch tricot fabric, the same great stuff you are used to working on in our classes! 


    If you purchase, pick up will be at the studio, 801 N Tryon. Fabric will not be shipped at this time. Amy (amy@aerialclt.com) will reach out to you to coordinate pick up to ensure the right fabric gets in your hands!


    All sales final.


    For Hammock:

    Fabrics less than 20 feet make great hammocks. 

    ((Height of ceiling - distance from ground you want the bottom of the loop) X2) + 6 = Total length of recomended fabric


    For Silks:

    Fabrics greater than 20 feet make great silks

    (Height of ceiling X 2) + 8 feet = Total length of recomended fabric