July 4, 2017


You guys sure did work hard bringing us donations and it shows! Thank you everyone for your help and support in our summer item drive for the Greater Charlotte SPCA! Hopefully this will make life for all the foster parents just a little bit easier. 

  • $44 dollars

  • 4 large bags of dog food

  • 1 scratching post

  • 10 beds

  • 4 kennels

  • 94 pieces of towels, sheets, blankets, etc. 

  • 12 bags/boxes of treats

  • 14 toys

  • 360 puppy pads

  • 12 containers of cleaning supplies

  • 13 paper towel rolls

  • 4 cones

  • 9 bowls

  • 8 harnesses

  • 23 leashes

  • 15 collars

  • 8 cans food

  • 4 small bags of dog food


Saturday September 2 | 11A-2P | 801 N Try...

November 30, 2016

Tis the Season!

Join us for our annual Holiday Party at the Uptown Studio on December 10th from 7-10P. Here are a few fun facts you need to know before we can do the Jingle Bell Boogie:

  • Help us take care of our adopted family by bringing 1 donatable item. This is the first year we have adopted a family through the Union County Christmas Bureau and we are really excited! We signed up for a family of 4 children and will be providing them a holiday dinner as well as gifts. More information and a sign up list is below on what we will be collecting so that we can give them a beautiful holiday. 

  • We will have plenty of brew and vino for everyone but feel free to BYOB. Also, bring your own mug/cup/glass so we can k...

July 5, 2016

“Everything happens for a reason”

“You have to stay positive”

“When one door closes, a better one opens!”

These are the silly, cliche statements I heard from my momma the past month while I frustratingly cried to her over the phone. My responses were usually something witty, like “well if a better door opens then how come everyone doesn’t walk around slamming doors shut?!”

She didn’t get where I was coming from…

The past month has been one of the scariest of my life. It was confirmed that our landlord would be leasing our space to another business, we had 30 days to find another home. 

This wasn’t a huge surprise to me. I figured this was very probable and I had been seriously searching for a new space for the past 6 months with a won...

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